Group of people at conference table
Becky presenting to UpperValleyJS on 11/29/2017

11/29/2017 Getting Started Making Map Applications, Hannover, NH

Are you venturing into the murky world of Geographical Data for the first time? Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to get started? Are you a little scared? That’s okay, this is a safe place where you will learn the basics of Geographical data, how it is stored, manipulated, and used to make web applications using qGIS and the Javascript library leaflet.

9/18/2017 Getting Started Making Map Applications Burlington, VT

Same as above

10/5/2015 Ladies Hack Hangout, Preview for the Vermont Hackathon Burlington, VT

During this workshop, we will talk about the benefits of getting involved in a hackathon, and veteran (lady) pros will share their tips and tricks for making the most out of participating in a hackathon. We will take a look at the newly revealed data sets for HackVT, and maybe even form a few teams for the hackathon, occurring October 9th and 10th.

12/8/2014 Slick: Bringing Scala’s Powerful Features to Your Database Access London, UK

This talk will teach you how to use Slick in practice, based on our experience at EatingWell Media Group. Slick is a totally different (and better!) relational database mapping tool that brings Scala’s powerful features to your database interactions, namely: static-checking, compile-time safety, and compositionality.

10/16/2014 Introduction to Web Development at Women Can Do Conference for High School Girls in Randolph, VT

Try your hand at creating a simple web page and learn some basic HTML coding skills.  This is how got started!  Learn about all the jobs in the growing field of Website Development.

6/2/2014 From Syrup to Software: Landing a Tech Job in Burlington VT Winooski VT

The technical landscape of Vermont poses unique challenges and opportunities for people who would like to work in software or web development. Rebecca Grenier and Amy Coutu will discuss tips and tricks on how to find a job from both the perspective of the job hunter AND the hiring manager. You’ll learn how to apply and ultimately how to land that technical job of your dreams here in the Green Mountain State.

8/29/2013  Introduction to Scala Workshop Burlington, VT

Bring your laptop and complete exercises (called Koans) along with the instructor to learn this exciting new programming language.

6/3/2013 Introduction to HTML & CSS for GirlDevelopIt Burlington, VT

Learn to build your own website! Learn how to better control the one you’ve already got! No prior web design experience necessary. You will leave this class with a simple website, built with HTML5 and CSS3.

5/22/2013 Apache Solr Search Server  Burlington, VT

Learn about the free Apache Solr search server and how it uses the Lucene Search Library to improve document search results. This includes how to download and install it on your computer for development/practice and on a server for actual production use. How to get documents into it from a MySQL database (and where to look for other document formats). How to configure it to return precisely the most relevant search results to your users. There are plugins & gems to aid in use of Apache Solr for many different types of sites including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, or you can use its API to roll your own custom solution.